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Barrierboard is a patented plasterboard composite material consisting of two sheets of differing thickness plasterboard separated by an isolating layer.

It has been developed in response to the growing number of inquiries relating to issues of noise transference between separate but adjoining dwellings (across "party" or common walls), within dwellings (eg, between a bathroom and a bedroom), and from external sources such as road noise.

Barrierboard has the flexibility to be installed in both new and existing applications.

In particular Barrierboard can offer the following:

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BBM 3 - Rw62 (Ctr-7)

FRL Rating Wall Thickness Wall Weight
120/120/120 247mm 245kg/m2

  • Full compliance with the new May 2004 Building Code of Australia sound insulation provisions. Barrierboard standard tested systems offer Rw up to 62 and other systems with even higher Rw`s.
  • On retro-fit installations, achieve maximum performance improvement with minimal loss of floor space. Able to be installed on both plasterboard stud walls as well as masonry walls.
  • Easy installation - very similar to typical plasterboard fixing and finishing.
  • maximum performance is achieved consistently and simply with the rebated edge and one panel product. There is no reliance, as there is in other systems, on complex components or installation instructions to achieve the specifications.
  • Barrierboard Systems are a price competitive alternative to traditional dry wall systems.

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