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It may not be the War of the Worlds but it is fast becoming the wars in the neighbourhoods.

The wider use of affordable surround sound and home theatre systems has bought with it significant noise issues '' his system's so powerful it rattles my windows'' was a comment from one enquiry wanting a solution on how he can stop his neighbour's music entering his house?

"I love my new home theatre system but I must turn it down when the kids go to bed, it just booms through the house", can you fix the problem?

Just a couple of the more common problems associated with modern living.

The ''affecting the neighbours'' issue will quickly replace the pool pumps and air conditioner noise as major problems which councils will have to deal with.

At TNC we believe that good planning and knowledge about how to control the unwanted side effects of your new sound system can go a long way in calming the neighbours and letting the kids sleep.

TNC solutions

► Barrierboard and systems Noise barriers for walls for new and retrofit application
► Hushzone acoustic doors, performance tested Single, Double and Sliding affordable and effective
► Windows and Secondary glazing systems As used for airport noise problems Reduces noise through windows
► Sorbalight room absorption panels and fabrics Attractive, with various colours & finishes Takes the echo and bounce out of rooms
► Expert advice to solve your problems Acoustical Engineer Advice for the solutions
► Installation By our qualified tradesmen

Case Study

Converting a Rumpus Room To a Theatre Room

Sound Reduction requirements when Home Theatre / Surround Sound Systems are installed in domestic houses.

Not all walls require the same performance to achieve satisfactory results.

Wall A   Bedroom wall  requires a reduction of RW 55-60
Typically Barrierboard System BB3
Wall B   Hallway wall requires a reduction of RW 40-45
Typically Barrierboard System BB 1A
Door C   Door requires a reduction of RW 35-40
Refer to our Hushzone Acoustic Doors
Ceiling D   Ceiling requires a reduction of RW 35-40
Typically Barrierboard System CS 2
Window E   Windows requires a reduction of RW 40-45
Refer to window manufacturers
Wall F   Brick veneer wall reduction of RW 45-55
Typically Barrierboard System BB7

The above information is based on sound levels inside a typical theatre / surround sound room 80-85 dB(A) and is to be used as a guide only.

See Diagram for perception of various noise levels

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