Friday 23rd of June 2017 01:50:28 AM

Total Noise Control make a range of quality acoustic doors

The range includes -

The Hushzone, a performance timber door suitable for internal use where superior performance to a solid core door is required, but at an affordable price.  Available at Rw34 and Rw37 performance rating.

Applications: Entertainment rooms, Front entry doors* laundry doors, nursery room doors *modified for exterior front doors

The Musiczone all timber doors is specially developed as a higher performance door to the Hushzone with superior components including hinges, locks and seals for matched performance.

Applications: Music rooms, offices, libraries, hospitals, law courts and board rooms.

The Studiozone high performance door. Designed to meet the demands of studio type applications, the seals, hinges and hardware selected to meet the performance requirements of this door.

All doors are supplied with matching door jambs and hardware as listed on the product specification sheets.

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Door performace characteristics (typical) Transmission Loss dB
  RW Frequency 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
Hushzone 34 34   22 25 34 41 35 41
Hushzone 37 37   24 26 36 43 36 42
Musiczone 40
40   27 35 41 45 39 45
Musiczone 45
Studiozone 48
48   31 42 45 50 53 47
A range of options are available for most doors.

The data listed is typical of average values based on test conducted by independent laboratories or by the manufacturer and are indicative only of results obtained in such tests. The purchaser of these products must satisfy themselves as to the suitability and performance if necessary.